Thursday, January 21, 2010

Ethical SEO

SEO is one of the key necessities in any online business these days. In other words, one can say that it is a wise way of showing the availability of your website. SEO is a technique which is widely used to make a website visible on internet where there are plenty of websites sitting with the same business type or nature. The technique is applicable to all the major search engines as well, which gives better chances of attracting clients/consumers/customers and helps increase the online business.

Creating a very high quality and creative website and running it un-optimized is tantamount to letting it rot way beneath millions of other sites on the internet. Metaphorically speaking, it is like shoving a billboard in the basement for none of your target audience. Then again, SEO is not as easy as it may sound.

Ehical SEO is very important for natural or rather organic search engine rankings. The major Search Engines are smart enough to understand the credibility of the search engine techniques and can easily identify the unethical search engine techniques. The consequences of that would be blacklisting the website or ban the website for that matter.

A break through system has been developed by Techtic Solutions combining with SEOGeek-India, who has one of the Internet's foremost experts on SEO. It is established to address matters that only the most innovative search engine optimizers know. This literally takes one by the hand and shows exactly how to maximize the use of SEO Elite.

Many SEO Companies would want to Guarantee you for the first position in search engine, be ware of this. No Company can guarantee you first place positions. This is surely a catch, either they would use such key phrases and you don’t have a say in choosing them. The key phrases will be poor and not at all competitive, and thus using the keywords will surely generate a high visibility or rather the profitability. The reason you fall for that can be many different, amongst which few of them could be, low budget, or lack of knowledge. After reading this article, it is assumed that knowledge part will be eliminated.

Whilst it is a fact that the black hat techniques certainly can have rapid and drastic effects on raising the site ranks of Google! or Alexa, but this also gives a threat that if caught, your site will surely be penalized or banned altogether. So, on a long run it is not advisable to use black hat techniques. Use an SEO Expert help and start with the online business, it may take a longer amount of time but will surely get you the results in the right way.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

10 Key Tasks for Website

Establish a Baseline
If you're going to show the impact you've made on your organization's web sites, you'll need a point of comparison to start from.

Capture All
Improvement of any website surely has a process, which means that one starts improving the website and the site starts improving. Each footstep of the improvement needs to be observed. Taking the screen shots for the website helps, so one should take as many screens hots as possible. Taking the screen shots for page ranks in search engines for the keywords also helps to show the improvement.

If the website is coded, it is really a good practice to take the screen shot of the source code, to show how cleaner it gets while in the process of improvement. The cleaner code and also, the validations should not be avoided. Taking screens for those also shows that how it improved for each during the improvement process.

The Speed of the web page can not be avoided as well. The speed of the web page can also be tested by running it over the load tester. That helps you show how greatly the speed could improve.

Usability Testing
Run the tests using the tools like 'guerrilla' on your site with family and friends or with the employees. Take the video results from there. This would actually help establishing the baseline of the usability of your website. Moreover, this would also help one to become familiar with identifying some usability-related quick wins.

Site Monitoring
One should set up the target and conversion funnels in analytic tool, which is very easy using Google! Analytic. One should always monitor the up-time of the website which is possible using other tools available as open source. Set up the site for free search engine keyword rank tracking tool so that you can see how your site is performing over time.

Quick Wins
Establish yourself as someone who gets things done and start making an impact by getting some easy fixes under your belt.

A/B Testing
Set up a quick A/B test on a popular page (not necessarily your home page; find one that's easier to make changes to) and share the results internally. Stakeholders would always prefer data-driven decision making.

Identify Underutilized Pages
Often it is observed that some of the pages of the site are very much underutilized. To get them up to mark and to get them at a place where users would want to go there is a goal. One should add some newsletters or promotional area to attract users to go from highly-trafficked web pages to the underutilized pages. Also, adding the pages into sitemap don’t hurt. Adding some call-to-action would be the one sentence argument for what it’s worth.

It is always a useful pointer that the footer of the site should contains all the media URLs and the pages of the site that are underutilized. The other important destinations should not be avoided as well.

Review Automated Emails
When someone sign up for the new account or forget the password, it is always a good practice to make the automated emails be useful. They could be made more user friendly and easy to guide through the process. Also, one can make the email link to the useful pages of the website.

Learn Your Site
Go through the whole website and if not most of the pages of the website. Look for the Navigation as well as IA Issues. Sign up for the newsletter or create the registrations for the site and check the details are being portrayed well or not. Also, check with the team members and talk to the stakeholders about learning the history of the site and the reasons for certain design decisions.

Know Your Popular Pages
Review the most popular landing pages on your site, especially the ones with the highest bounce rate. Are there any obvious quick fixes that can be made?
Read through the content on these pages — chances are there are readability improvements to be had, if not grammatical and typographical errors to be fixed.

Team Email Address
Set up a general web team email address and use this for creating accounts with any online tools and services. Start encouraging internal employees to use this address for web requests and inquiries. Add it to your email signature.

Record Accomplishments
Start keeping a record of everything that you do. This makes it much easier at annual review time. A good way to ensure you do this is to send a weekly update of your accomplishments for that week and goals for the next to your supervisor. They'll love this.


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