Monday, April 5, 2010

Communicating With Web Designer

In the area of website designing, a client always faces difficulty understanding the web designer’s language. The reason being client speaks a layman language and designer speaks his designing language. The clash here can be avoided if one goes through this article. This article covers the briefings of what to communicate and how to communicate with a Web Designer in order to understand and make him/her understand your requirements and understand his/her perspective.

One decides to create a website for his own business, services, entertainment or any other purpose, first thing that should be done is to find a good web design company or a web d
esigner. Now, after going though portfolio and everything one thinks that this is the best web design company or the best web designer for the website that is needed to be designed.

Next is you want your website designer to create the best website which should have the best visually arresting and eye catching layout. One always thinks that they have something in mind and that should be designed. But this is the toughest part, having a picture in m
ind of your website and explaining that picture in words to your web designer is actually a toughest job. This often can be seen in the difference between the design one imagined and the design designer produced. It doesn’t really mean that designer doesn’t actually have the potential; it means that designer doesn’t speak or understand the language you are trying to speak or understand in. Designer always has a terminological and design oriented language. For example a picture needs to be embossed and a picture needs to be given a drop shadow. Both are almost the same thing but in designer’s language and a non designer’s language.

The Situations could be many, out of which the most common situations are:

1. You have the content ready and you want to put it on the website, but you don’t know how.
2. You have the content ready, you have the layout in your mind but you don’t know how to implement that or you don’t really know how to explain that.

Both the situations are highly common and they are likely to happen to anyone. The first situation is rather simpler than the second situation.

If you know the content you want to place on the website but you don’t know how, you can simple ask your website designer to create a proposal for that and with web designer’s talent you will definitely agree to something you will really like. Each Designer has his/her own way of creating the layout and placing the content on the layout. But after all if you have chosen the best web design company or the best web designer you don’t really have to question the professionalism or the creativity.

In the second situation well verbally if you can’t make your web designer understand then draw a little sketch in order to make your web designer understand what exactly do you want, and let the designer use all his creativity and experience or create some excellent website for you. Once you see what he understands on your points than making changes to the layout can be done easily. This way the job becomes simpler enough and one can still see what they want to. This way one can eliminate the compromise factor and can build a lasting relationship with the web designer for any future work.


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