Monday, April 5, 2010

Communicating With Web Designer

In the area of website designing, a client always faces difficulty understanding the web designer’s language. The reason being client speaks a layman language and designer speaks his designing language. The clash here can be avoided if one goes through this article. This article covers the briefings of what to communicate and how to communicate with a Web Designer in order to understand and make him/her understand your requirements and understand his/her perspective.

One decides to create a website for his own business, services, entertainment or any other purpose, first thing that should be done is to find a good web design company or a web d
esigner. Now, after going though portfolio and everything one thinks that this is the best web design company or the best web designer for the website that is needed to be designed.

Next is you want your website designer to create the best website which should have the best visually arresting and eye catching layout. One always thinks that they have something in mind and that should be designed. But this is the toughest part, having a picture in m
ind of your website and explaining that picture in words to your web designer is actually a toughest job. This often can be seen in the difference between the design one imagined and the design designer produced. It doesn’t really mean that designer doesn’t actually have the potential; it means that designer doesn’t speak or understand the language you are trying to speak or understand in. Designer always has a terminological and design oriented language. For example a picture needs to be embossed and a picture needs to be given a drop shadow. Both are almost the same thing but in designer’s language and a non designer’s language.

The Situations could be many, out of which the most common situations are:

1. You have the content ready and you want to put it on the website, but you don’t know how.
2. You have the content ready, you have the layout in your mind but you don’t know how to implement that or you don’t really know how to explain that.

Both the situations are highly common and they are likely to happen to anyone. The first situation is rather simpler than the second situation.

If you know the content you want to place on the website but you don’t know how, you can simple ask your website designer to create a proposal for that and with web designer’s talent you will definitely agree to something you will really like. Each Designer has his/her own way of creating the layout and placing the content on the layout. But after all if you have chosen the best web design company or the best web designer you don’t really have to question the professionalism or the creativity.

In the second situation well verbally if you can’t make your web designer understand then draw a little sketch in order to make your web designer understand what exactly do you want, and let the designer use all his creativity and experience or create some excellent website for you. Once you see what he understands on your points than making changes to the layout can be done easily. This way the job becomes simpler enough and one can still see what they want to. This way one can eliminate the compromise factor and can build a lasting relationship with the web designer for any future work.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Ethical SEO

SEO is one of the key necessities in any online business these days. In other words, one can say that it is a wise way of showing the availability of your website. SEO is a technique which is widely used to make a website visible on internet where there are plenty of websites sitting with the same business type or nature. The technique is applicable to all the major search engines as well, which gives better chances of attracting clients/consumers/customers and helps increase the online business.

Creating a very high quality and creative website and running it un-optimized is tantamount to letting it rot way beneath millions of other sites on the internet. Metaphorically speaking, it is like shoving a billboard in the basement for none of your target audience. Then again, SEO is not as easy as it may sound.

Ehical SEO is very important for natural or rather organic search engine rankings. The major Search Engines are smart enough to understand the credibility of the search engine techniques and can easily identify the unethical search engine techniques. The consequences of that would be blacklisting the website or ban the website for that matter.

A break through system has been developed by Techtic Solutions combining with SEOGeek-India, who has one of the Internet's foremost experts on SEO. It is established to address matters that only the most innovative search engine optimizers know. This literally takes one by the hand and shows exactly how to maximize the use of SEO Elite.

Many SEO Companies would want to Guarantee you for the first position in search engine, be ware of this. No Company can guarantee you first place positions. This is surely a catch, either they would use such key phrases and you don’t have a say in choosing them. The key phrases will be poor and not at all competitive, and thus using the keywords will surely generate a high visibility or rather the profitability. The reason you fall for that can be many different, amongst which few of them could be, low budget, or lack of knowledge. After reading this article, it is assumed that knowledge part will be eliminated.

Whilst it is a fact that the black hat techniques certainly can have rapid and drastic effects on raising the site ranks of Google! or Alexa, but this also gives a threat that if caught, your site will surely be penalized or banned altogether. So, on a long run it is not advisable to use black hat techniques. Use an SEO Expert help and start with the online business, it may take a longer amount of time but will surely get you the results in the right way.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

10 Key Tasks for Website

Establish a Baseline
If you're going to show the impact you've made on your organization's web sites, you'll need a point of comparison to start from.

Capture All
Improvement of any website surely has a process, which means that one starts improving the website and the site starts improving. Each footstep of the improvement needs to be observed. Taking the screen shots for the website helps, so one should take as many screens hots as possible. Taking the screen shots for page ranks in search engines for the keywords also helps to show the improvement.

If the website is coded, it is really a good practice to take the screen shot of the source code, to show how cleaner it gets while in the process of improvement. The cleaner code and also, the validations should not be avoided. Taking screens for those also shows that how it improved for each during the improvement process.

The Speed of the web page can not be avoided as well. The speed of the web page can also be tested by running it over the load tester. That helps you show how greatly the speed could improve.

Usability Testing
Run the tests using the tools like 'guerrilla' on your site with family and friends or with the employees. Take the video results from there. This would actually help establishing the baseline of the usability of your website. Moreover, this would also help one to become familiar with identifying some usability-related quick wins.

Site Monitoring
One should set up the target and conversion funnels in analytic tool, which is very easy using Google! Analytic. One should always monitor the up-time of the website which is possible using other tools available as open source. Set up the site for free search engine keyword rank tracking tool so that you can see how your site is performing over time.

Quick Wins
Establish yourself as someone who gets things done and start making an impact by getting some easy fixes under your belt.

A/B Testing
Set up a quick A/B test on a popular page (not necessarily your home page; find one that's easier to make changes to) and share the results internally. Stakeholders would always prefer data-driven decision making.

Identify Underutilized Pages
Often it is observed that some of the pages of the site are very much underutilized. To get them up to mark and to get them at a place where users would want to go there is a goal. One should add some newsletters or promotional area to attract users to go from highly-trafficked web pages to the underutilized pages. Also, adding the pages into sitemap don’t hurt. Adding some call-to-action would be the one sentence argument for what it’s worth.

It is always a useful pointer that the footer of the site should contains all the media URLs and the pages of the site that are underutilized. The other important destinations should not be avoided as well.

Review Automated Emails
When someone sign up for the new account or forget the password, it is always a good practice to make the automated emails be useful. They could be made more user friendly and easy to guide through the process. Also, one can make the email link to the useful pages of the website.

Learn Your Site
Go through the whole website and if not most of the pages of the website. Look for the Navigation as well as IA Issues. Sign up for the newsletter or create the registrations for the site and check the details are being portrayed well or not. Also, check with the team members and talk to the stakeholders about learning the history of the site and the reasons for certain design decisions.

Know Your Popular Pages
Review the most popular landing pages on your site, especially the ones with the highest bounce rate. Are there any obvious quick fixes that can be made?
Read through the content on these pages — chances are there are readability improvements to be had, if not grammatical and typographical errors to be fixed.

Team Email Address
Set up a general web team email address and use this for creating accounts with any online tools and services. Start encouraging internal employees to use this address for web requests and inquiries. Add it to your email signature.

Record Accomplishments
Start keeping a record of everything that you do. This makes it much easier at annual review time. A good way to ensure you do this is to send a weekly update of your accomplishments for that week and goals for the next to your supervisor. They'll love this.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Why Do You Need a Website

Websites are perhaps the most overlooked vehicle of owner-operated businesses. Yes, every business needs a website. It doesn’t really mean that every business like dentist, lawyer, accountant, cafĂ©, restaurant, coffee shop and nightclub needs one where they can transact business online, but everyone listed in directories needs their presence on the internet. Studies have marked internet a very potential source for the customers to find you.

This might put someone thinking that would it be really affordable to put up my website. Well think again and think it this way, A website budget of $500 to $5000 USD depending upon the business you are targeting and a minor charge of $100 to $200 a month to maintain and update the website should cover all the expenses for you.

Properly constructed, a website allows your prospected clients or patients or customers to gather the information they need from the privacy of their own computer monitors. The difference here is, their questions will be answered on their own time. What are the questions your salespeople answer virtually every day, and how, exactly, would your best salesperson phrase those answers on his or her best day? This is the information that needs to be available 24/7 on your site. Clients always like getting the answers without having to ask them, they always can look at your work and work premises and the strengths by just looking at your site and can judge the strength of your business.

Think of your site as something which deepens your relationship with the client. Do you suppose it's easier to convince customers to visit your web site or to convince them to get in their car, drive to your store, and walk into your door? Guess we know the answer. It would be very easy for the client to give a virtual tour of your business on website.

According to a study 49 percent of the population are introverts, which means that they don’t really like to dial your phone number and ask questions. They would surely like to gather information before reaching to a stage where they think they are ready to ask questions. That information could be achieved from internet and having a well documented and well portrayed website would surely get them the answers they are trying to ask. It is even unlikely that they would walk to your store or office and engage one of your salesperson. Rest of the 51 percent of extroverts also would like go get an informative website and would go through it before coming to your door. Clients always appreciate more informative and easy to understand kind of knowledge than, working on something small to achieve what they want.

One more research shows and also one can experience it on their own, that over 80 percent of people who are already online they use the search engine before considering to buy a product or hire a service.

The examples, studies, research everything points to one thing, that website is no more just an investment, but more likely a source or build business, and a source to retain the potential of the business. Rather rephrase it in a way that website is creating a web presence by which your current and potential client group would remain happy and would definitely like to go through your business as and when they need anything.


Sunday, December 20, 2009

New Layout of Techtic Solutions

Recently Techtic Solutions, web design company has launched its website in a very new, unique and exclusive design. The new design offers more corporate look with some great new features. The redesign is completely meant to be updated as per the ever-changing market trends, techniques and demands. It offers the clients with the service straight as they needed. Offshore clients and users have been given space for dedicated services, affordable packages, detailed portfolio and much more.

The new design is available in more appealing and professional design layout and textures.

“At Techtic, we wish to explore new horizons in different Aspect. We believe in changing our trends with new arrivals in the market and are always keen to face new challenges. We strongly believe in “Change Is The Only Constant”. The new design has been very refreshing and gives a much better look and feel. It has been great work by the design team and development team to achieve the milestone of launching this website.”, says CEO, Techtic Solutions.

Techtic Solutions is a global service provider of outsourcing services. It is well known for providing outsourced web designing, website development, E-commerce application development, E-business online stores, search engine optimization (SEO), content writing, graphic designing, flash, 3D and other web solutions to global clientele. We have worked with clients from US, UK, Singapore and many other. Company has quality knowledge and brains to aspire the new horizons.

“The New Design is fantastic and portrays the company credibility and passion. The site has clean navigation, it is very much user friendly and gives a very attractive look. The Portfolio has some great designs and over all use of colors and pictures are in place and very much appropriate”, says one of the clients of Techtic Solutions.

Techtic Solutions now with the new design of website, will definitely bring more and better work for us.

Many thanks to everyone who has taken the time to give us feedback on the design. As always, we’re looking forward to your precious comments...

Importance of SEO

Creating a well designed and cool looking website won’t help you fetch the traffic on the website. Basic intension behind creating a website is to get the customers to find you on search engines or direct URLs. Every business is competitive and to stand still and/or grow the business with the help of internet world, one needs to make it visible to the consumers/clients. This is where the major search engines come into picture. Any consumer/client will look for the required query on search engines and the looks for few options and the one that catches their eyes would get the chance. In realistic world anyone would look for first few pages of search engine to look for what they are looking for, and this is where Search Engine Optimization helps. Search Engine Optimization is a combination of techniques which would get the website on the higher rankings and would make it look on top positions.

When I say Techniques they are not black magic; they understanding the algorithms and optimizing the website in such a way that the search engine algorithms would come across it very often. It is a technique to make other related website give you a push (called backlinks) to make you go on higher rankings. This can be achieved by creating directory listings, make the website searchable, posting articles and blogs and put links on those articles which eventually will redirect the traffic to your website. Also, the age of the domain, average time spent on the website matters. Also, there is a term called metadata which can be used in the website code itself to provide some of the keywords which can be useful to build a successful SEO process. Search Engine Optimization doesn’t happen overnight, it takes few weeks to several months, depending upon the audience the website is targeting.

Once the Website has been completed with the SEO, one achieves half the battle. It is not yet the complete solution. The website needs to be continuously updated and added on the directories. Also, continuous addition of back links, reciprocal links would have to be done in order to keep it on the higher rankings and keep the traffic on the website stable. Statistically, Search Engine Optimization drastically changes the traffic on the website, and gives more benefit to the business as traffic is proportional to the number of clients, who have considered you for their query, after that it will just matter how better is your website and how is every product or service is presented.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Class Makes Website Complete

Designing a Corporate or any business website, has several factors working on it, no matter how simple you think it is or no matter how simple it could be, its always challenging. More over following the right procedure and right standards is more important than just convincing a potential client about their design. Work should speak about your precise and creative nature. There are several different ways to follow this procedure, but as everything comes down to the thumb rule, it was concluded that there are five major areas where the design needs to be more precise and should be done very carefully, in order to avoid mistakes. Having a huge ship with no life jackets and enough fuel is surely going to sink, similarly not following the thumb rules will surely affect the web presence of the client and ultimately the designers.

To describe this thumb rule, there are five topics chosen.


The web world has many browsers and each browser has its own code written, they all follow some standards but ultimately they have a different code and different structure for implementing and interpreting the http requests. The website that has been designed will go through all of these browsers one day or the other. So, it is very much necessary and rather a job of the designer to check most of the browsers in order to avoid any grief.

It is important to understand that any website which is cross browser compatible can work better and may even show up clearer to search engines. They are more likely to have a longer span of life. Thus, it is always a good idea to have a program on your computer that checks your website’s browser and version compatibility. Also, over the time and experience it has also been concluded that once the website is live it may or may not give you some mistakes, so always a good practice is to make the website live and then test it for the cross browser compatibility.


High Bounce Rate, Visitors don’t spend time on your website? - Now you know the Reason. Loading Speed is one of the reasons for people to turn around and move to other websites. This is directly proportional to the Bounce Rate of the web site. No one here would like to wait for your website to come up unless they are specifically looking for you only. Internet world is enormously large for them to find someone else who can give the same services like you but their website loads faster than you. Studies have also concluded that an average waiting time between the click on your website and leaving from the website (due the page didn’t load) is just 10 seconds.

Question is how to reduce the loading time:

No worries – You are just few steps away
  • Maximizing content area
  • Avoiding excessive use of graphics
  • Flash and sticking to simple designs can reduce your website loading time
  • Minimize the size of the images
  • Slice the large image and reduce the size of it

How do I Enter This Website? , How do I get back to Homepage? ---- These are the questions that often arise in clients mind when it sounds really simple for the designer to say “Ohh! Here it is!”, the bread and butter of the website is its navigation and how easy it is to access different web pages or rather how is it is to find the web pages. The prominent things for the website, that is products or services should be on top of the page so that the clients can see what they are looking for.

There are so many things that you can do to make your website as user friendly as possible like:
  • Try to avoid the ambiguous navigations
  • Sitemap is a key, always create a sitemap, especially for the Business Website Design it is very much necessary. That makes it easier for the user to reach, where they intend to reach.
  • Keep a Search Feature on every Single page that makes it easier for the user to navigate if they don’t find the exact match of what they are looking for.
  • Having a FAQs page is one the most important and very handy tool for the users to understand anything that confuses them. This gives a very client oriented approach and makes life much easier.
  • Placing the Contact Information or Contact Details Forms to give the users satisfaction of your credibility

If you are looking to make money through ads from your websites then believe it is going to be your major blunder. Your website is not an advertising portal so why to make use of pop-up ads. One of the prime reasons on why pop ups are a bad idea is that many visitor often find them to be intrusive. Almost every online visitor prefers to be happily browsing on the Internet. Sudden pops up advertisement may obscure his or her view or attention. Besides this, many of them also feel these pop-ups very annoying. Moreover with the advancement of latest technology in coming days one may not be able to see pop-ups. Many people and browsers now block pop-ups. Thus you should be very careful in using pop-ups in your website design.


In the World of Globalization, usually every business one can think of can be found on websites. To adapt this market and go with the trend every business gets into the web world and tries to create their presence in the market. But this is where the real question comes if your website is designed in a way that it will not be found by search engine keywords, anyone would never be able to come to your website and your web presence will become just the virtual presence. To avoid this situation you need to make your website Search Engine Friendly. Designing a search engine friendly website ensure that the website can be easily found by clients and prospects using internet search engines. Moreover, a search engine friendly website also gets more visitors-more traffic. More traffic means more people looking at your services and this in turn enable you to see the increase in sales or services.

Adding Meta data to your web pages and Meta Description to your web pages would be just a start. Put the alternative text for each image with the correct key words and many more techniques are available and enormously used these days. Use them and be present not just virtually but also physically on the web.


Techtic Solutions is a fastest growing company in Web Development and design, Web Hosting, Search Engine Optimization, Software Development and design. We focus on growing with the growth of clients.We highly recommend our customers to grow their business with an additional most important parameter called Search Engine Optimization (SEO) which makes it a target oriented approach in increasing the popularity of the website and attracts more consumers to visit the website.

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