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Class Makes Website Complete

Designing a Corporate or any business website, has several factors working on it, no matter how simple you think it is or no matter how simple it could be, its always challenging. More over following the right procedure and right standards is more important than just convincing a potential client about their design. Work should speak about your precise and creative nature. There are several different ways to follow this procedure, but as everything comes down to the thumb rule, it was concluded that there are five major areas where the design needs to be more precise and should be done very carefully, in order to avoid mistakes. Having a huge ship with no life jackets and enough fuel is surely going to sink, similarly not following the thumb rules will surely affect the web presence of the client and ultimately the designers.

To describe this thumb rule, there are five topics chosen.


The web world has many browsers and each browser has its own code written, they all follow some standards but ultimately they have a different code and different structure for implementing and interpreting the http requests. The website that has been designed will go through all of these browsers one day or the other. So, it is very much necessary and rather a job of the designer to check most of the browsers in order to avoid any grief.

It is important to understand that any website which is cross browser compatible can work better and may even show up clearer to search engines. They are more likely to have a longer span of life. Thus, it is always a good idea to have a program on your computer that checks your website’s browser and version compatibility. Also, over the time and experience it has also been concluded that once the website is live it may or may not give you some mistakes, so always a good practice is to make the website live and then test it for the cross browser compatibility.


High Bounce Rate, Visitors don’t spend time on your website? - Now you know the Reason. Loading Speed is one of the reasons for people to turn around and move to other websites. This is directly proportional to the Bounce Rate of the web site. No one here would like to wait for your website to come up unless they are specifically looking for you only. Internet world is enormously large for them to find someone else who can give the same services like you but their website loads faster than you. Studies have also concluded that an average waiting time between the click on your website and leaving from the website (due the page didn’t load) is just 10 seconds.

Question is how to reduce the loading time:

No worries – You are just few steps away
  • Maximizing content area
  • Avoiding excessive use of graphics
  • Flash and sticking to simple designs can reduce your website loading time
  • Minimize the size of the images
  • Slice the large image and reduce the size of it

How do I Enter This Website? , How do I get back to Homepage? ---- These are the questions that often arise in clients mind when it sounds really simple for the designer to say “Ohh! Here it is!”, the bread and butter of the website is its navigation and how easy it is to access different web pages or rather how is it is to find the web pages. The prominent things for the website, that is products or services should be on top of the page so that the clients can see what they are looking for.

There are so many things that you can do to make your website as user friendly as possible like:
  • Try to avoid the ambiguous navigations
  • Sitemap is a key, always create a sitemap, especially for the Business Website Design it is very much necessary. That makes it easier for the user to reach, where they intend to reach.
  • Keep a Search Feature on every Single page that makes it easier for the user to navigate if they don’t find the exact match of what they are looking for.
  • Having a FAQs page is one the most important and very handy tool for the users to understand anything that confuses them. This gives a very client oriented approach and makes life much easier.
  • Placing the Contact Information or Contact Details Forms to give the users satisfaction of your credibility

If you are looking to make money through ads from your websites then believe it is going to be your major blunder. Your website is not an advertising portal so why to make use of pop-up ads. One of the prime reasons on why pop ups are a bad idea is that many visitor often find them to be intrusive. Almost every online visitor prefers to be happily browsing on the Internet. Sudden pops up advertisement may obscure his or her view or attention. Besides this, many of them also feel these pop-ups very annoying. Moreover with the advancement of latest technology in coming days one may not be able to see pop-ups. Many people and browsers now block pop-ups. Thus you should be very careful in using pop-ups in your website design.


In the World of Globalization, usually every business one can think of can be found on websites. To adapt this market and go with the trend every business gets into the web world and tries to create their presence in the market. But this is where the real question comes if your website is designed in a way that it will not be found by search engine keywords, anyone would never be able to come to your website and your web presence will become just the virtual presence. To avoid this situation you need to make your website Search Engine Friendly. Designing a search engine friendly website ensure that the website can be easily found by clients and prospects using internet search engines. Moreover, a search engine friendly website also gets more visitors-more traffic. More traffic means more people looking at your services and this in turn enable you to see the increase in sales or services.

Adding Meta data to your web pages and Meta Description to your web pages would be just a start. Put the alternative text for each image with the correct key words and many more techniques are available and enormously used these days. Use them and be present not just virtually but also physically on the web.


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